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Office Cocktails

I’m bringing Vodka Lemonade to the office. Well, at least to the office knitters. I have a fantastic workplace – the benefits abound – not the least of which includes a lovely, talented, and eager-to-learn community of crafters. Every few weeks, we get together for show-and-tell, tutorials, and motivation. And each year I guide them… Read More Office Cocktails

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Fading on a Train

Earlier this month, I went on an A-MAZING knitting adventure in northern British Columbia. 40 knitters took over an entire passenger car of a Via Rail train. We spent six delightful hours knitting, socializing, cocktailing (dang right, cocktail is a verb), gasping at the glorious scenery, and generally swooning in our knittery-immersive environment. I know…looks… Read More Fading on a Train


Knitting for Cause

I enjoy being charitable. I participate in worthy fundraising campaigns. I donate a portion of every paycheque to great organization. I help out the homeless directly and indirectly. But I’ve never been all that keen on charity knitting. A loooooonnnnng time ago, I knit a few bears for Doctors Without Borders to take to Africa,… Read More Knitting for Cause