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So Flawless and Easy…It’s Like Cheating!

Hey, freshly-minted mosaic knitting fans! Here’s the mosaic practice chart I promised you in the video: Use right here, right now version: Be sure to watch the YouTube vid above for all the “how-to” for working this chart. And, of course, because mosaic knitting is MARTINI KNITTING, here’s my recipe: Knicole’s Magnificent Martini recipe: Now… Read More So Flawless and Easy…It’s Like Cheating!


Knitting for Cause

I enjoy being charitable. I participate in worthy fundraising campaigns. I donate a portion of every paycheque to great organization. I help out the homeless directly and indirectly. But I’ve never been all that keen on charity knitting. A loooooonnnnng time ago, I knit a few bears for Doctors Without Borders to take to Africa,… Read More Knitting for Cause


All Together Now

Hooray! It’s a fait accompli. I won’t bore you with too many details, just the good stuff…loads of pretty pictures. All the finishing is crochet. The joins are continuous flat braid. The border is a round of single crochet scallop stitch in the Feather Grey, then a round of reverse single crochet in the Summer… Read More All Together Now


When will I Learn?

Seems there’s this thing that happens when you’ve been knitting for, well, ever – you start to believe that the rules don’t apply to you. The latest issue of Knitscene has a most charming polarbearsnowflake hat.  All the cute, right?  I showed the pattern to my knitting group at work yesterday and they challenged me… Read More When will I Learn?


Urges and Acquisitions 

This is kinda sorta-ish the second part of summer vacation post. So, while we were travelling by map around BC and Alberta this summer, we happened upon (okay, deliberately sought out) some retail establishments that carried my favorite products, yarn, and yarn related stuff. I also scooped a few choice items at Vancouver’s Knit City… Read More Urges and Acquisitions