I am an obsessive knitter and love to share my passion for all things raveled by teaching knitting to any warm body who will sit still long enough to cast on.

I particularly enjoy taking good designs and give them a tweak or two – adding shape, color, pockets, or a collar. I dabble in pattern design, but my penchant for cranking out finished projects has impacted my time for pattern writing (which takes almost as long as the designing and knitting!). But I have been encouraged to get my work out there, so this will be the year I publish (she says, with total confidence). 

I really do love to teach whenever I can. Before knitting took over my life, I taught sewing classes to adults – everything from absolute beginners to advanced tailoring. I have designed wedding dresses and quilted wall hangings. Now I happily apply all those creative and instructive skills to knitting.

Knit well. You’ve got this. 

If you’d like to contact me, please email: knicoleknitsdesignATgmailDOTcom (replace the AT with @ and the DOT with . )


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  1. I just found your Podcast this morning. It was about the 5 popular patterns you won’t knit. When you named the first one, the Sophie Scarf, I couldn’t stop laughing as I have made it 5 times already BUT NOT for myself; it is a style that I couldn’t and don’t want to pull off. I also usually make it larger and use a mohair with a fingering wt yarn so it is more like an outside scarf. Fifth one went out in the mail this morning for on of my dils. I knit and crochet gifts for family, friends and the manicurist, mailman…….and now I found your podcast to watch….Got to finish the one I left to see if any of the other patterns you won’t knit are on my list too!!!!

  2. I would love to see all the knits you’ve made or designed on Ravelry. Are you on it, and if so, how do I search for you? Thank you.

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