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Step Away From That Row Counter!

Hey, Maker Friends!

I know, I know…I’ve been neglecting this blog in favour of my shiny new YouTube podcast. I am very very most humbly apologetic for that, but seriously, folks, there are only so many hours in a day and I still have TWO DAY JOBS. Okay, enough excuses.

Having said that, I really just popped in here to let you know about my very first YouTube tutorial – Running Markers!

I am very humbly and demurely going to say YOU MUST WATCH THIS! This is no joke – the comments don’t lie – it’s a game changer. Here’s the link:

BUT – also, here are some extra tips – NOT IN THE VIDEO – provided by channel viewers that we can all benefit from:

From viewers:

If you need to seam two pieces together, it really helps to place a counter near the edges that will need joined, and if you need to fold something in half before sewing, a string will let you locate the true center point. Secondly, if I have to pick up a number of stitches “evenly placed” along an edge, a counting string every 10 rows helps with the spacing. One thing I do differently is that I tie the beginning end of my strings because I don’t like to leave a long tail. Just the first half of a square knot and a 2″ tail will hold it, but still be easy to take out later.

Works great for crochet! Been doing it for years.

From me:

I like to use smooth yarn (which most often means the plies are twisted fairly tightly together) in a neutral color and the same or smaller weight than your working yarn. Superwash works great because it won’t “grip” your working yarn. Just make sure you anchor it somewhere, because it may want to slide out on its own, depending on the type of fabric you’re making.

Knit well and hope to see you on the Tube!

Cheers, Knicoleknits

2 thoughts on “Step Away From That Row Counter!

  1. Nichole, I shall try running markers immediately. Your forest cabled sweater is beautiful. I’ve used every method you described & then some, most recently a kacha kacha-type & also an ablet. It is a tiny reward to “click” the mechanism or to move the bead counter on the ablet, but they are both another item to keep track of, to lose or to break. Too often my buckle-on ring counter got its count nudged up by accident; this didn’t bother me for very long as i lost it almost immediately. Thank you for your help! — Been knitting forever in Virginia

    1. Thank you, Linda!

      So sorry for the slow reply – my notification system failed me somehow. I hope you find running markers work as well for you as they do for me!

      How’s the weather in Virginia this month? 🙂

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