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Cracking the WIPs

Once again, my works-in-progress – aka WIPs – are OUTTA CONTROL!! (channeling a little Regis Philbin there). I’m stranded on WIP island. I feel like I’m knitting and knitting and knitting and nothing’s happening. Of course, stuff is actually happening – loops are getting pulled and pushed through other loops – but there’s no gratifying TA-DA! moments on the horizon to hold my knitterly momentum.

It’s not even that I think I have too many WIPs. The current count is six major projects on the go…a pittance, really. It’s mostly that I can’t bring myself to pick one and finish it. A couple years ago, I wrote In Praise of WIP Monogamy and the benefits of committing to, and finishing, one project at a time. I should take my own advice, yes? Nuh uh. All I want to do right now is swatch new stuff and experiment and test and scroll Ravelry for hours and…well…play.

And yet, this pile of projectiles is staring me down.

Four blankets and two cardigans. FOUR BLANKETS. How the heck did that happen, I ask you? I’m a sweater knitter. Sweaters! This recent obsession with blankets is getting outta hand.

Help me out here, dear knitters. Let’s review these half-baked bundles of knitness, working from newest to oldest, and see if we can muster an acceptable plan of attack.

First up, the Berroco Blossfeldt blanket, which I have affectionately renamed Blankety (cuz wtf is a Blossfeldt?). The oceany Remix arrived this week and I cast on that same day.

I started it on 5.0mm needles, but the lace was too open and holey for my taste, so I frogged and switched to 4.5mm. It’s better, but…honestly…I’m not loving it as much as I expected to. The pics on the pattern didn’t illustrate all those yarn overs. So many yarn overs. TOO MANY YARN OVERS. (I’m yelling a lot today, I know. Sorry). If I’m not loving this now, there is no way on this great green Earth that I’m going to finish it. It will languish and fade and eventually die in time out. So, the question is, do I need another blanket? Should I swatch some less lace-i-fied stitch patterns and try it again? Orrrrr…would this lovely yarn be better served in a comfy pullover? I kinda like the idea of having an excuse to swatch something, so I’ll probably start there. Yup yup, def liking that idea.

Second, my self-designed Leaded Glass throw. There’s no doubt that this piece is coming along swimmingly.

I actually have a deadline attached here because it is meant to be a birthday gift for My Handsome Man’s sister, said birthday being in early April. So, there’s no leaving this projectile on the back burner. I’ll have to find a way to keep it in rotation. Admittedly, it is pretty fun to watch it come to life, as the “glass” panels fall into place between defining lead borders. It’s groovy cool, if I do say so myself.

Next up is my Patty Lyons Affiknity Cardigan. I’m really-and-for-true enjoying this project.

Despite the cables and other complexities, it’s actually knitting up at a reasonably brisk pace. It would be in my interest to bring it to the top of the queue, as if I don’t finish it soon, I won’t be wearing it this season. See that slanted cable on the front, there? That’s a pocket! How cool is that? Okay, I’m feeling a wee bit inspired to pick this up again.

Now, on to my aptly named Longline Cardigan. I must confess – I haven’t touched this since, um, probably October. Considering I started it at the end of August, I made pretty good progress before sending it into time-out.

This was supposed to be a knit-a-long with a co-worker friend, but she never quite got to a place where hers made it on to the needles (you know who you are, AW). Can’t say I blame her, really. It’s fingering yarn fest of eleventy-million tiny stitches. I’m not feeling much urgency about this WIP, as fingering weight garments can be worn in all seasons, excepting the most sun-beaten days of summer. Gonna wear the bejesus out of it when it’s done, though.

Moving on the real slow-moving items, here’s the stash-busting beauty of Purl Soho’s Library Blanket.

I started this one last year, a few weeks into the first Covid lockdown. It’s been my go-to project when sitting through long Zoom meetings, where I don’t need to take a bunch of notes. I find it much easier to stay focused on the subject at hand if my hands are occupied with simple, meditative garter stitch. As we all know by now, garter stitch, while squishy and delicious, is sloooooow knitting. It really takes two rows of garter to get the same length as one row of stocking stitch. This blanket will be nothing short of SPECTACULAR when it’s done, but I’m really not in any hurry. It will happen when it happens – no biggie.

Finally, the sleepiest of all citizens of WIP-ville, my Googly-eyed Gator blanket.

This has been in the works for two years. It’s for my grandson, who is now five. I honestly don’t know how much time I’ve got before he outgrows the capacity to appreciate a cutesy novelty blanket. I think I’ve got a bit of time, but I’m fully aware that the clock is ticking. Another knittery co-worker, M, started this same project after mine and has long since finished hers. Unlike me, she is only ever monogamous with her projects. Respect, M, respect.

And you, dear knitter? How many projectiles are tugging at your shirt tails right now? How do you decide which one/s get your attention?

Okay, I’m off to peruse my beloved Barbara Walker stitch dictionaries and see if I can rekindle my affection for my Blankety.

Knit those WIPs well, dear knitters. You got this.


2 thoughts on “Cracking the WIPs

  1. I put all my stash of wool into projects. Mostly blankets but I have not started any yet. But I am organized enough to get them going. I will crochet some lap blankets first.
    Right now I am crocheting purl soho mesh bag out of linen.
    Have a nice time catching up on WIP projects♥️

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