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21 FOR 21?

Last year I finished 28 projects: 9 sweaters (7 from start to finish), 6 cowls, 5 hats, 3 pairs of socks, 2 shawls, 1 baby blanket, 1 toy, and 1 pair of mitts. Now it begs to be asked: what can get done in 2021?

Is 21 projects a reasonable goal? The number is right there, after all. Just for a lark, let’s look at a hypothetical 21-project wish list and then discuss how batsh*t crazy I may be. I’ll group the list into categories, in no particular order. The project names will be links to either my project page or queue, if you want all the yarn deets and whatnot.

Sweaters already in progress:

  • 1. Affiknity Cardigan
    • This is a Patty Lyons design and KAL. The back is done and despite all the non-stop cables, it’s going pretty quickly. I’m always motivated to finish a KAL project to stay part of the community fun. This will likely be finished sweater #1 this year.
  • 2. Longline Cardigan
    • I’m more than halfway through this one, but…tiny tiny tiny stitches. Because it’s fingering, it could be worn any time of year, so no seasonal deadline here.

Ready-to-knit sweaters

These are all in my Ravelry queue. Feel free to snoop it here.

  • 3. Shifty Pullover
    • This one already came up on the blog here and here. I think it would work up pretty quickly and I still reallyreally want to wear it with my black and white pants.
  • 4. Plath Cardigan
    • I bought the ridiculously yummy Shibui yarns for this over a year ago. I adore this design and color, but it’s a bit dressy for the current work from home order, so motivation to get it done on the soon-side is a bit low.
  • 5. Seagate Pullover
    • Ordered this kit from Patty Lyons website a few months ago. Anzula Squishy in Totally Nicole Blue…kidding, it’s called Mariana. This sweater is so me and it’s a good spring/fall weight. Hopefully I can get to this one sooner than later.
  • 6. Kelmscott Cardigan
    • I realized I need/want a Christmas sweater. This lovely has been on my mind for almost a decade. There’s more luscious Anzula yarn on its way: For Better or Worsted in a sophisticated deep cranberry red called Madame. I’m excited about this project, but probably won’t start it until early fall.
  • 7. Comfort Fade Cardigan
    • Swatched and ready to knit. I’ve been holding this one back for a few years because I’m waiting to be the right shape. Normally I’d say screw this philosophy, but since I have been losing weight slowly for a the last 18 months or so, which has meant I need to reknit a few things (see the Reknits category), I think it’s been justified. But who knows, this might be its year.
  • 8. Shakerag Top
    • This pattern is from a Modern Daily Knitting Field Guide (#6). The alternating solid/see through stripes in a simple silhouette will make for an easy, quick wearable summer project.
  • 9. Throughstone Sweater
    • This is another Bluprint kit waiting to happen. The clever designer has you knit the pocket linings as a swatch. That part is done. I’d wear this right now, if it were finished. I’m planning to modify it to a v-neck and add a shawl collar. The only question is this winter or next?
  • 10. Funky Grandpa Cardigan
    • I’ve had this yarn set aside for this fun cardi for years. It’s all light fingering, so not a quick knit by any stretch. I do love its stripy cuteness.

Blankets in progress

  • 11. Googly eyed Gator for Milo
    • This is now a two-year-old WIP. It’s time to get it done before he’s too old to appreciate its googly awesomeness.
  • 12. Library Blanket
    • Love this project. It’s super easy knitting and only needs a glance at the pattern now and then. It’s a perfect knit during Zoom meetings kinda project. No particular rush to get it done, but it will be delightful to snuggle under someday.
  • 13. Bulky & Quick Cat Blanket for Casey
    • This is a crochet project
    • got the kit from Bluprint before it turned back to Craftsy
  • 14. Any Arne & Carlos Crochet Blanket
    • I’m a bit crushy on the dynamic Norwegian duo Arne & Carlos right now. They have designed some spectacular crocheted blankets with a twist on the old granny square. There’s no way any of these are a start-to-finish this year, but it would be super fun to gather the yarn and start cranking out fabulous flowers.


  • 15. Harvest Cardigan to Merle Cardigan
    • I already sorta reknit this cardi once to adjust the bust fit, but I’m still not enamored with it anymore. The Hikoo yarn was costy, so I want it to be something really worthy, and so therefore the epic cableness of the Merle.
  • 16. Rylie Tee to Chance of Showers Cardigan
    • This tee was an Amy Herzog Custom Fit. And it did…then. Now it’s a baggy, unflattering waste of really nice yarn. It will be beachy cool as Heidi K’s flowy and famous cardi.
  • 17. Vodka Lemonade Cardigan to Windswept Pullover
    • This was a KAL with my office group. Again, it’s now too big and because of the silk blend yarn, too sloppy for my taste. I think Tin Can Knits’ Windswept will suit it to a (better) tee.

Random Stuff

  • 18. Socks for my Handsome Man
    • Since the cool socks I knit for him last year didn’t survive their first wash, I owe him a new pair. Haven’t settled on a pattern yet. Stay tuned.
  • 19. Purless Shawl
    • This is a really very super bulky shawl. I thought it might make a good group project for my office knitting peeps. Should be a quick fix on 15 mm needles.
  • 20. Sportsy Pullover
    • *Top secret* new design I’ve wanted to work this one out for years. It’s relatively easy, but has a lot of bang. I hope you’ll like it.
  • 21. Deco Mosaic Cowl
    • I’m in the process of knitting yet another prototype, as I write up the pattern. Did you hear that? I’M WRITING A PATTERN. This is a big deal and I will be reaching out for test knitters when it’s ready. Whoop whoop!

There we are, knitter peeps: 21 potential beauties for 2021.

Yeah, I know…not all 21 are going to happen. I’m ambitious, but I’m not delusional.

Which ones would you move up the queue? While I wait for your help, I’ll write my pattern and peck away at a sweater or two…

Knit well. You’ve got this.


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