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Project Management

Since 2019 began, I’ve been a bit of a whirling dervish in the new projects department, and considering my low tolerance for disorganization, serious action was required.

A week or so ago, I lost my senses and agreed to do a test knit for Tin Can Knits. As usual, the deadline is tight and I’m knitting a me-size sweater. I needed to remove all distraction, so I can focus on the test, and only the test.

My living room “nest” was overrun with WIPS and potential WIPS. I can’t knit with blinders on, so most of those tempting projects needed to head up to my studio – out of sight. But I didn’t want out-of-sight to turn into out-of-mind, and so logging on to Ravelry, I was.

I spent a few hours on Sunday and another hour or so tonight uploading my FOs and WIPS, with as much detail as possible about what I did, with what yarn and tools, and why. Then I felt more comfortable moving the WIPs aaaaaall the way up to another floor.

At first I griped about the wasted knitting time, but the pay off came in realizing just how prolific I’ve been in the last two and half months.

Here are the FOs, including a couple of my own designs:

Clockwise from the top left:

Washington Square Cardigan 

Millefiori Washcloth

Toe-up socks – Two at a time

Mini Gramps for monkey

The Mini Gramps and washcloth are my own. All the deets are on Ravelry – just click to travel there.

And here are the WIPs:

Clockwise from top left:

Sweater Babe Luxe infinity cowl in Hikoo Concentric (very cool true gradient yarn)

Bramen Cowl (Nancy Marchant – the brioche queen)

Googly-eyed Gator blanket – Yup. It’s a bobble-covered gator with big googly eyes.

Both Sides Now bulky scarf – my design

Stephen West Spectra scarf – I’m teaching this to the office knitting group. They are loving it.

And, of course, my test knit (but it’s hushhush top secret, so no pic yet)

There’s actually one more, that that’s a story for another day.

Yes, yes, yes…It’s an abundance of knitting glory. After the test knit, it’s a simple matter of prioritizing the rest, and adding a new sweater project for my office knitters (no worries, right? RIGHT?).

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