Two years, eight months, six days

…since my last post. 


I wish I had a clever, or even valid, excuse. I can’t count the number of times I’ve written blog posts in my head, but never took the logical next step. Humans are nuts sometimes – that’s about the best I can do.

Anyway, I’ve forgiven myself, and I hope you will too. 

There’s no point in trying to catch up to almost three year’s worth of knitting, so let’s just take a look at what’s flowing off my needles this week, and I will do my best to provide you with weekly updates from now on. Deal? Deal. {shakeshakefistbumphipchecksmile}

Cast off:

Um, so, I can hardly believe I’m doing this, but my only finished project this week is a plain vanilla garter stitch dish cloth. I know, right? How crazy is that noise??

There is a very good explanation for this extremely odd occurrence. Really…for true.

Two years ago, I started teaching knitting at my office. I currently have somewhere between 12-15 regular students, at varying levels, but mostly beginners or advanced beginners. They. Are. Awesome. I am a better knitter because of them. Hiya H*A Knitters!!

We’ve worked our way through a number of projects: Tin Can Knits Simple Yet Effective Cowl and Rye Socks (current project), Knitty’s famous Fetching Mitts, and a few others. Recently I got some newnew beginners started, it occurred to me that they might like to knit something useful as they practice – hence my suggestion that they might want to learn to make simple dish or wash cloths.

Well. The response was resounding, at the very least. I was stunned and delighted. 

So, here we are – new class, new sample required.  And that became part of my Friday night (also went to the movies). 

And there it is in all its organic cottony glory. 

Cast on:

This is 3/4 of a Tin Can Knits Hunter hat for my sweetie grandson, M – he’s one year old and super duper adorable (as one year olds are wont to be). I cast it on yesterday.

This is an accompaniment piece to the Tin Can Knits Gramps cardi I finished for him the week before. I’m going to cheat a bit and post a shot of that here too, but really only so you can see that they match. Really.

The hat is made from the leftover main color Cascade 220 that I used for the sweater. The sweater pic is the accurate color. I’m going to make the pom pom out of the green trim color. Bursting with cuteness, yes?

He lives far far away in a cold cold part of BC, so need to get finished lickety split and get this in the mail pronto.

My second set of Podster Gloves. I wore the last set out…literally. I feel like I’m doing a much better job on this pair. You can read about the trials and tribulations of my first pair here. I have lots to say about this pattern and process, but I’ll leave that for the post when they are finished. Got one done and about 1/2 through the second. I was hoping to have that done this weekend, but I got distracted by the hat and dish cloth. Yeah, zero minus everything attention span. I’m not sorry. 

Also in progress, although I didn’t get to work on it this week, is the Alison Pullover. This is some lovely merino, alpaca, rayon blend tweedy yarn I got from Craftsy at a steal. It will be soft and cozy and the color is delish. When the gloves are done, I’ll put some effort back into this cuddle muffin of a sweater.

That’s all for this week.

Next week:  Christmas knitting thoughts and prep. {omgomgomgomgomgtoosoon}

See you then!


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