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Chain Chain Chaaaaain…

My delicious Podster Gloves are done!  Whoo hoo!

I know, they’re spectacular, thank you, but does anything strike you as odd?

Exactly right! The left glove is larger than the right glove.  You probably won’t believe me, but I did it on purpose.

I finished the left glove first, making the large size (the pattern is written for two sizes: small and large). I felt like the fit was just a smidge too floopy (yes, that’s floopy, not floppy), so I decided to make the small size for my right hand to see if the fit was better.  Remember, fitted items will often stretch out with wear, so a bit floopy now quickly moves into bagsville…and no one wants to live in bagsville – especially your clever fingers.

And the winner is….dah dah dah dah, dah dah dah…(Jeopardy theme)…neither! Oh drat.  As it turns out, ideally I need a MEDIUM size. So, back to the drawing board (aka the pattern modification board).

In other words, what I need here is the “Goldilocks” size…not too big, not too small…juuuuust right.

Here’s how they fit:











And how uber-cool is this thumb hatch?!  Genius!

These gloves do require a smidge of finishing – a loop and button and all, sooooo, just for fun, I thought I’d provide this tutorial for making the pretty little finger chain loop for the top of the mitten flap. You could, of course, make the same chain with a skinny little crochet hook, but I find it kind of fun to do with my fingers.

How To Make a Finger Chain Loop:

(The instructions for each step are BELOW the related picture)

Step One: Thread a darning needle with a single strand of your working yarn. Take the needle inside the mitten flap and bring it though just to one side of the centre top of the flap.  You can leave the inside tail loose and secure it later, or, alternatively (and probably the smarter way), you can turn the flap inside out and secure the tail with a few small stitches into the inside of the flap before pulling the yarn through (see below):

(This is also Step Seven)



Step Two:  Make a loop with the yarn coming out of the flap and stuff your thumb, index and middle fingers into the loop.


Step Three/Four:  Making sure the yarn is crossed at the base of the loop, pinch the loose end between your thumb and index finger, and pull it though the loop, making a second loop.


Step Five:  pull the second loop though the first loop until the first loop closes up. *Note: in order to tighten the first loop, you may have to hold the loose tail on the inside of the flap if you didn’t secure it in Step One.


Step Six:  Repeat pulling a new loop through the last one until you have the length you need. Draw the needle though the last loop to anchor the finished chain, then, a stitch or two away from the start of the chain, take the needle back through the mitt to the inside and pull just until the loop butts up against the top of the mitt.


Step Seven: Turn the mitt inside out and carefully take a few small stitches in the back loops to secure the loose ends. Be careful not to pull too hard, or you could pull your chain through to the inside.

Step Eight:  Tie the loose ends together in a square knot (right over left, then left over right)

Step Nine: Cut the tails, leaving a sweet little bow.

Step Ten:  Turn right side out and admire the lovely little chain your fingers made all by themselves!

I chose to place the button just above the ribbing for the wrist.  The button I chose is cute as can be, but, alas, too small and will have to be replaced.

Okay…enough with the gloves (although they are pretty magnificent – my grandma has already asked for a pair for next year!).

Next post will be (as I promised last time) about some of my favorite knitting teachers/designers. I have a lot to say on that subject, so it will take a post or two (or three) to get it out of my system.

Until then, take good care…and Knit! It’s good for you.

Cheers, Nicole

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