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I think I’m in glove…

As promised – current project on Nicole’s kneedles:

These gloves are specifically designed for the hardcore smart phone addict (namely, moi). Not only do they have a convertible mitten top that exposes half-nude finger tips, they also have an adorable flip-back thumb tip for texting on the go – Brilliant!

The pattern is the Podster Gloves, which is a free download on Ravelry. (Reminder – you won’t be able to access this link unless you are a Ravelry member – which, as I said before, if you’re not, you should be).

Here’s some early progress:

Thumb stitches are cooling their heels on waste yarn, and two fingers are completed (ring and pinky still chillin’ on waste yarn).  You can also see that there is a line of waste yarn running through a row of stitches across the back of the hand – these stitches will be picked up later to add the convertible mitten top.


And here is the front, or palm, of the hand:


If you look at the original Podster Glove pattern, you will notice a line of increases running from the wrist to the inside of the thumb.  As you can see, my glove doesn’t have this line, because I inadvertently did my increases at the outside edge of the thumb instead:










I initially freaked out a bit when I realized that my interpretation of the instructions did not appear to be the correct one (free patterns can sometimes be a little on the vague side – but no complaining because it’s very very generous of people to share their work without compensation!), but after a while, my case of the s’posed-to’s subsided and I decided it was fine as is.

Now, fingers and thumb (with the adorable, and oh so fiddly, thumb flap) are complete and I have cast on and ribbed one row of stitches for palm side of the mitten flap.

Here I am picking up the stitches that were waiting patiently on the waste yarn across the back of the hand:








When all the stitches are picked up, I pull out the waste yarn and it looks like this on the needle:








By the way, I do all my circular knitting with two circular needles. I find double-pointeds waaaaay too fiddly, and the Magic Loop method with one circular needle pulls at the stitches too much for my taste, but it’s very popular – here’s a link to a description of it on Knitting Daily: The Magical Magic Loop

Here’s the “palm” side of the mitten top with the second row of ribbing in progress:









And, in case you’re curious, here’s the lovely yarn I’m knitting with (purchased at the Button and Needlework Boutique):










I will post a finished picture of the first glove as soon as it’s done.  Number two should go faster, but it doesn’t always happen that way, as we all know.  However, I do want to be able to wear these puppies before it’s too warm for them, so I am motivated to finish them asap.

Next post will be about some of my favorite knitting teachers and designers.

Stay tuned!…and Knit! It’s good for you.


4 thoughts on “I think I’m in glove…

    1. I totally relate! The feel of the yarn is equally (if not more) important to me than the colour.
      I have princess and the pea syndrome and can’t wear anything even remotely scratchy, so I must must must touch-test before knitting.
      Come back anytime 🙂
      Cheers, Nicole

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