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Ruffles Schmuffles and Hummingbirds

I initially scoffed at self-ruffling novelty yarn, but after watching it fly off the shelves of my LYS, I broke down and bought a ball to play with.  I’m not really a “ruffle” person, but I figured what kind of knitter am I if I haven’t participated in one of the most rampant current trends.

Here’s what I conjured up:

Not too shabby eh?

I wanted the scarf to be fairly narrow and compact, so I did a 4-stitch I-cord and picked up the stitches in the middle of the strip so it would fold over double. You can see the braided effect on the back in the last photo above.  If you want tutorials on I-cord and/or knitting with these yarns, there are many to choose from on You Tube. Here’s one: How To Make a Katia Ondas Scarf – I just love the presenter’s plucky British accent.

You can see the I-cord braid that forms on one side of scarf.

The yarn is Katia Ondas. I used one ball and the finished scarf is 72 inches long.

I admit that it’s quite pretty. I’m not sure I’ll wear it much because I still feel somewhat “clowny” with ruffles around my neck…although, as you can see,  it does match my cardi to a tee. 🙂  I actually just took it down to my LYS – Button and Needlework Boutique – and handed it over to them as a model.

Here it is nestled in my blue/grey cardi:

Been there – knitted that – next!

Now for something completely different!

This spring, we found not one, but TWO hummingbird nests in our yard.  The first batch has already grown up and flown the coop (so to speak), but their cousins are still under mummy and daddy hummingbird’s care.

Here they are less than a day old:

Love their little pink bellies!

And at 5 days old:

(Humming)birds of a feather. 🙂

At one week:

Tight quarters – I hope they’re getting along.

And finally at about 10 days old:

“Get offa me!”

Pretty soon they will be making their first attempts to fly.

The nest is soooooo tiny – less than 3 inches across.  Each little baby isn’t even as big as your thumb!

All together now…Awwwwww!

I KNOW! So cute.

Take Care…and knit…it’s good for you.

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